Michigan-centric resources

Mark O’Brien’s MOS Technical Note No. 4, Great Lakes Odonata Bibliography, provides a list of published papers through the year 2013. Here, we’ve extracted papers from that Note to those specifically relating to Michigan Odonata — mostly about distribution but also studies done in the state. We’ve updated the list through the year 2020, and hope to keep it up to date. Species names are bold for easy scanning.

Links to frequent sources:
Williamsonia: the former Michigan Odonata Survey Newsletter
Argia: News journal of the Dragonfly Society of the Americas (last 3 years for members only)
– Great Lakes Entomologist (formerly Michigan Entomologist): journal of the Michigan Entomological Society. Available at two sites. Vol 1 (1966) to Vol 49 (2016) or all issues at the new journal homepage.
Newsletter of the Michigan Entomological Society
– University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Insect Occasional Papers
– University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Insect Miscellaneous Papers

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