MOS update – 2019

Mark O’Brien, former insect collections manager at the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, founded the Michigan Odonata Survey (MOS) in 1996. He has now retired and recently moved out of state. He is pursuing interests other than entomology, and the Michigan Odonata Survey has been passed on to Julie Craves and Darrin O’Brien.

We have many hundreds of files — web pages, images, checklists, maps, keys, databases, and documents — to go through and organize. We need to completely re-do the MOS website (this site, currently being constructed), clean up and update the database, and determine if, how, and when we can present this data to the public and publish a Michigan Odonata Atlas.

We thank everyone who has contributed to the MOS through the years, and sincerely hope to make sure all of our efforts are easily available, but right now this feels like a daunting task. Please bear with us.